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BlueCareer by EBSCOlearning is a software platform that allows Job Seekers to easily explore the skilled trades and ultimately connects them with Employers. BlueCareer has a robust level of information, assessments, and training materials for over 100 skilled trades specialties in one easy to use platform. Whether someone has years of experience in the trades or is simply curious to learn more, BlueCareer has something for everyone.

The BlueCareer Difference

Applying to endless jobs and hoping Employers find them is both frustrating and time consuming. Furthermore, it is difficult to determine accurate and timely information online. This is why BlueCareer puts career exploration, training, and job placement services in one place. BlueCareer has simplified the process of finding a career in the skilled trades. Online job posts often overlook outstanding talent due to an antiquated resume model. Instead, with BlueCareer, job seekers can easily get themselves in front of hiring managers and launch new careers!

Common Questions

1.  Is there a charge for library patrons/members? There is no charge for utilizing BlueCareer’s skills assessment, trades exploration tools, and trade school database. Also many training courses are available at no cost. However, if a Job Seeker desires to achieve a professional certification, there may be an additional cost for the necessary training and test materials to achieve a particular certification and/or license. These potential fees are paid to the certification body and not EBSCO or BlueCareer.

2.  Is the creation of a Job Seeker profile required? No, we actually recommend that library members wait to create a Job Seeker profile until they are ready to start working or work eligible, i.e. over 16 years old, have the skills or certifications they need for the job they want, etc.

3. How often is information, employment opportunities, and pay data updated? Almost instantly! Unlike government databases, BlueCareer is directly linked to BlueRecruit, North America’s leading skilled trades recruiting platform. Therefore, library members and local employers can utilize BlueCareer to see which trades are in highest demand, how many opportunities are available, and updated pay data for your area in real time.

4. Is social media content screened? Yes. Every YouTube video and suggested Instagram influencer has been screened by BlueCareer’s expert tradies for content and adherence to industry standards. However, as with anything on the internet, always use caution when utilizing social media. We do not recommend anyone under the age of 13 utilizing BlueCareer’s social media content. For a member to view BlueCareers’ Instagram linked content, they will need to already have their own Instagram account.

5. Can members connect with jobs outside of their area? Yes, over 50% of our Job Seekers are open to relocating for the right opportunity. When creating their profiles, members indicate their current location, the city and state they’d prefer to work, and their commute preference.

6. How do Job Seekers connect with Employers? All Employers have created a BlueRecruit profile. Any employer that is interested in interviewing a Job Seeker will send that person an in-app message, email, and text message informing them of the opportunity and invitation to interview. If the Job Seeker is interested in the role, they then accept the Connection Request and begin the interview process.